Awake and Wonder

Sometimes I lay awake and wonder, Why poems are often written about lightning and thunder. And the moon, and stars, and things of the night, So often seem to be in the poems we write. But once I was troubled, cursed to write only of lost love, Now I cherish those poems of stars, and... Continue Reading →

Two Forms Of Inspiration For Content Creators

You might be a fellow writer. Or you might be interested in making t.v. shows, movies, Youtube videos, painting, singing, making music beats, doing stand-up comedy, or you might create some form of content that I can't even think of. But what inspires you to create entertainment for others? Because ultimately- isn't there a form... Continue Reading →

A Question For You- Yes You!

Everyone seems to be enjoying the poems lately. They're fun and quick to read and provide a little relief from the everyday stresses of life- even if just for a few moments. But I want to hear from you! If you'd consider doing me a favor I ask that you leave a comment below asking... Continue Reading →

What Makes Fiverr Great

I'll start this article off by mentioning that I am not paid by Fiverr in any way regarding this article. But I do have a great appreciation for the marketplace. Now obviously there are two sides to Fiverr- buying and selling what they call "gigs." Having been on both sides of the market personally, I... Continue Reading →

So it Has Been Awhile

Can't say I'm going to apologize for not posting an article recently, because's my blog. However, I will inform you all of what I have been up to and what to look forward to from The Mason Mindset. So, it's been about a month give or take. During this time I have successfully published... Continue Reading →

Self-Publishing Through Amazon KDP

In an effort to help others with the long and grueling process- I decided to give a summary of my experience with Kindle Direct Publishing. Although Kindle is in the title of this program, it allows authors to also publish their book in paperback form. What it comes down to is this- do you want... Continue Reading →

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