Onward Ocean

Raise the sails, full mast, full mast! We've come to ocean open and vast. We'll ride this voyage through sun and storm, And huddle in furs to try to stay warm. The meals aren't great, they're awful at best. But alas dear friend, our ship heads West. To the land of spice, good trade, and... Continue Reading →

The Dreams of the Tide

In was nearby the seaside caverns that the boy did reside. He came to the shores each night to see the moon direct the tide. He'd sit there for awhile, never minding the time. And watch the silver reflected light on the surface shine. The older he got, the longer each night he would stay.... Continue Reading →

Out At Sea

When I was younger, maybe 9 or 10 or 11, I used to lay awake in my room at night looking out the window where the moonlight would pour in from a clear country night sky. I'd lay there, much like I still do today, and likely will for much of my life to come,... Continue Reading →

Small Hometown Vibes

I realize I've been writing a lot of poetry lately on the site, and I've been really enjoying it. However, in an effort to give you guys something different, I thought I'd tell you about my experience working in a grocery store. Thrilling, I know! Let's see now, I was about fifteen and a half... Continue Reading →

Classical Music

I remember as a child my mom would take me with her when she went shopping. And there was always this one department store she would go in. She'd lead me over to the center of the store where there were couches and arm chairs. And there I would sit and watch a man play... Continue Reading →

My Own Juliet

Into the forest I walked by night. No fears of the dark, not the slightest of frights. For when I looked between the trees the moon shown above, I could feel the wind push me forward with the friendlest shove. As if they were old friends, which indeed they must be, they guided me further,... Continue Reading →

A Question For You- Yes You!

Everyone seems to be enjoying the poems lately. They're fun and quick to read and provide a little relief from the everyday stresses of life- even if just for a few moments. But I want to hear from you! If you'd consider doing me a favor I ask that you leave a comment below asking... Continue Reading →

Oh Hello Again (Poem)

Oh hello again small fish in the pond, I haven't see you in ages, I thought you had gone. But I am glad to see that in this pond you still swim. The boy climbed in the pond and the fish swam to him. Oh hello there boy, it has been quite awhile. Since I've... Continue Reading →

The Woodlark’s Song (Poem)

Where did he go, where should he be? I do not know and neither does he. Why I saw him in the garden just a quarter past 2:00! Well what was he doing in the garden with you? Why he sang me a sonnet, a lovable tune. Head over heals my heart would swoon. But... Continue Reading →

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