No Stranger To Our Past

Well she came to me a cryin' mess,I thought I'd at least try my best,to console the girl who taught me about love.But little did I know, it was all a show.She acted her part, and played the role,of someone I'd hurt a few long years ago.Said everything had been just fine,'til I had come... Continue Reading →

Crazy Tryin’

When Willie sang he was crazy for tryin',I always thought he was lyin',Cause for her I'd go wherever the wind blows.And here I am, without you, and I'm feelin' so blue,But now tryin's just gettin' too old.Oh I'll go on for awhile,Just to see that sweet smile,I'll keep tryin' and cryin' for you.

A Question For You- Yes You!

Everyone seems to be enjoying the poems lately. They're fun and quick to read and provide a little relief from the everyday stresses of life- even if just for a few moments. But I want to hear from you! If you'd consider doing me a favor I ask that you leave a comment below asking... Continue Reading →

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