I might always wonder, If there had not been sea upon sea between us, What could we have been? And then I grew older and I rid my mind of the word could. Because anything we truly want to do, there is a way. And so, perhaps one day I'll get on a ship, or... Continue Reading →

In Search of Love

I've gazed at the sky for countless nights, seen all its wonders, when every star was in sight. And I've traveled the world, from one side to the other. I've seen this great Earth, and she's truly our mother. Yes I've set sail on the oceans, through calm seas and storm. And when it all... Continue Reading →

Closure – A Short Story

It hadn’t been long at all really, I think around two weeks. But here it had finally come- the day I’ve been dreading that entire time. I sluggishly stopped the alarm on my phone and attempted to sit up in my bed. I remembered reading something once that once you sit up in bed you... Continue Reading →

My Own Juliet

Into the forest I walked by night. No fears of the dark, not the slightest of frights. For when I looked between the trees the moon shown above, I could feel the wind push me forward with the friendlest shove. As if they were old friends, which indeed they must be, they guided me further,... Continue Reading →

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