Rid of Shadow

For a time it seemed I had a shadow of two, Looming behind me, keeping me back was you. Not you in the flesh but your memory in a way, Kept me from having any sort of productive day. So I banished this daemon, sent it back to the unknown, And I hope that now... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Productivity

We all have a hard time staying on track every now and again. We get caught up in our day to day doings, whatever they may be. But we have a need to be productive. That necessity might be paying the bills or buying a new car, but most anything that needs accomplished requires productivity.... Continue Reading →

To a Night Unknown

Night, a time rivaled only by the day prior and the day that follows. The classic way of thinking is “There’s always tomorrow.” “Let’s get a fresh Start tomorrow morning.” “Let’s call it a night.” Why? Why do we always look to the next day for opportunity? I wish to reveal to you the under... Continue Reading →

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