Awake and Wonder

Sometimes I lay awake and wonder, Why poems are often written about lightning and thunder. And the moon, and stars, and things of the night, So often seem to be in the poems we write. But once I was troubled, cursed to write only of lost love, Now I cherish those poems of stars, and... Continue Reading →


How could one ever put a definition to love? We think of things like roses, hearts, a flock of white doves, Fancy dinners, fine wines- but they don't define a thing. And love isn't always solidified by a hand with a ring. But that feeling you get, known only to you- when nothing can be... Continue Reading →

Evening Thoughts

Sometimes it is hard to be happy about what once was, when you long so badly for what could have been. Throughout your life so many people will come and go, and very few will stay for the long run. But if we always remain on "what could have been", how can we ever move... Continue Reading →

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