Oak on the Hillside

On hillside of green I lay back in the grass, Clouds going by, I watch as they pass. They remind me of time, some fast some slow. You get a choice in this life, that much I know. The days that I spend beneath my favorite old oak, Philosophical thoughts are always evoked. My days... Continue Reading →

Awake and Wonder

Sometimes I lay awake and wonder, Why poems are often written about lightning and thunder. And the moon, and stars, and things of the night, So often seem to be in the poems we write. But once I was troubled, cursed to write only of lost love, Now I cherish those poems of stars, and... Continue Reading →

One Last Dance

One last dance to share, between you and I. But it won't be in a ballroom, rather under a starlit sky. I'll lead you through the finest waltz I can muster, She'll follow my steps, because I know I can trust her. A caper here, a gambol next- or we can can keep it simple,... Continue Reading →

In Search of Love

I've gazed at the sky for countless nights, seen all its wonders, when every star was in sight. And I've traveled the world, from one side to the other. I've seen this great Earth, and she's truly our mother. Yes I've set sail on the oceans, through calm seas and storm. And when it all... Continue Reading →

I Should Like To Live

I should like to live in the forest for a while and learn the wisdom of how the trees remain so grounded throughout all the changes in life. I should like to live by the coast for sometime, so I can hear the mystical conversations between the Moon and the Tides each night. I should... Continue Reading →

Heart of Gold

Like the first Spring days after the long Winter, you warmed my heart which had been so cold. And some days it had seemed I might always remain bitter, but that all changed when I felt your heart of gold. It warmed me from the inside, all the way out, and from then on I... Continue Reading →

Through My Senses

I searched the garden for the lightest pink rose so that I could see your lips again. But it couldn't compare. I walked along the shoreline and gazed at the ocean, just to look into your blue eyes once more. But it couldn't compare. I pulled the down feathers from within my pillow, just to... Continue Reading →

The Creek

Slish, slosh, through the creek, my favorite place I'd always seek. To sit and listen in the Spring, to all of nature's beautiful things. And in the Summer it felt so cool, I'd take the creek over any pool. In the Fall the leaves would change in color- and fall in the water- a sight... Continue Reading →

Behind The Waterfall

It was summer then and I loved you so, when we'd wander down by the river below- the mountains so tall they rose to the skies. I'd look to the blue water and see the same color in your eyes. Walking hand in hand by the banks edge, we reached a dazzling spot behind the... Continue Reading →

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