Fall Destiny Moon

The leaves are falling, so am I. Not down but up, toward the night sky. It was here I was told, by the moon no less, That destiny is calling, I'd do best to say yes. To deny it is only to delay, This on my mind, heavy it weighs. So I stopped putting it... Continue Reading →

The Dreams of the Tide

In was nearby the seaside caverns that the boy did reside. He came to the shores each night to see the moon direct the tide. He'd sit there for awhile, never minding the time. And watch the silver reflected light on the surface shine. The older he got, the longer each night he would stay.... Continue Reading →

One Last Dance

One last dance to share, between you and I. But it won't be in a ballroom, rather under a starlit sky. I'll lead you through the finest waltz I can muster, She'll follow my steps, because I know I can trust her. A caper here, a gambol next- or we can can keep it simple,... Continue Reading →

My Own Juliet

Into the forest I walked by night. No fears of the dark, not the slightest of frights. For when I looked between the trees the moon shown above, I could feel the wind push me forward with the friendlest shove. As if they were old friends, which indeed they must be, they guided me further,... Continue Reading →

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