Pointy peaks

I step from mountain peak to peak. Across land masses both great and weak. And it never occurred, not once the thought- I should of payed attention to the shoes that I brought. Mountains are pointy, their peaks even more so. Its beginning to hurt my feet, from my heel to pinky toe.

Lizard Wizard

What do you know about the wizard? Why I've heard he's fan of snakes, turtles, and lizards. That would seem like odd taste for a man of mystical magic, Though the truth behind the matter is really quite tragic. You see the people hail from both far and wide, Many have come, and many more... Continue Reading →

Five of Them Sat (Poem)

Five of them sat, right there on my deck. Did they not know it was winter- what the heck! "Go somewhere warm!" I called out to them. They completely ignored me, "Ahem...AHEM!" "Oh yes good sir we hear your concern, and it is true that for warmer weather we yearn, but have no fear for... Continue Reading →

The Worst Things (Poem)

The worst things that could happen to me, oh there are far too many to see. I could fall off a cliff! Get kicked by a horse. Lose my favorite gif, Have my skin get coarse. All I can think of is what could go wrong, there's many to list- that's why I made this... Continue Reading →

One Sacred Flower (Poem)

Withering near the willows was the final sacred flower. It was said that it would be used to save the world in its darkest hour. Along came the ancient hawk on one final quest. He dug beneath the earth where the flower did rest. Until the roots were exposed and he clamped it in his... Continue Reading →

Oh Hello Again (Poem)

Oh hello again small fish in the pond, I haven't see you in ages, I thought you had gone. But I am glad to see that in this pond you still swim. The boy climbed in the pond and the fish swam to him. Oh hello there boy, it has been quite awhile. Since I've... Continue Reading →

Freelance Begone (Poem)

He struggled to find, as hard as he looked, a freelance writing gig that he could book. He applied to several, begged for even more, but no one would give him the simplest chore. He guest wrote posts, all to no avail. No one wanted to pay him to tell their tale. Months and months,... Continue Reading →

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