Been Away

And it seems it's been quite some time, Since I last sat down to write a rhyme. I've aged beyond what years can bring, I've sought to find to that which I can cling. I wish to be here, I long to be there. I've grown out my beard, as well as my hair. But... Continue Reading →

Three Words

Understand. That's what I'm trying to give, understanding to a feeling that is so often said in three words. But I'm a Poet, something I've come to admit to myself overtime without the slightest bit of remorse. And three words simply cannot do justice to what I feel inside. Three words that I cannot help... Continue Reading →

Love Again

I'm at that age now where I've experienced life both before and after love. When you're a child and the only love you know is for your family and adventure, well all I can say is that's a wonderful time and growing up is simply not something worth rushing into because those childhood days have... Continue Reading →

Him and Her

They chatted through the days, they talked late into each night. And then came the day when she was gone from his life. No more texts, no calls, not even a wave. The worst of it was, he had no way to save- That wondrous connection that lasted great a whole year, But as time... Continue Reading →


When the sun's set and one can see the early streaks of a dusk sky, I sit on on my porch and listen to the rain as it falls around my dry self. The air gets that washed-away scent as if all the smells that were there previous have been erased. Like a canvas that... Continue Reading →

What’s Lost

Sometimes you think, "This could never end." Other times it's, "What could possibly come between this? Nothing will ever split this up." And then the day comes and it's just over. That thing you believed would go on forever and could never be broken- yet right before your eyes that very thing has ended. You... Continue Reading →

New Thoughts That Come With A Warm Breeze

We often don't believe things are possible until we experience them ourselves. Even when we witness and physically see something that appears to be impossible, we are still left with our doubts. So perhaps this is why achieving your ultimate dream seems so impossible. You have not experienced it yet, as you haven't reached it... Continue Reading →

A Drifting Image

I wonder, from time to time, If I still happen to cross your mind? Because I have not forgotten you, and in my head your face often comes to view. Every time I hear the sirens in my city, I hope that no harm has come to you, pretty. And that would seem a foolish... Continue Reading →

Heart of Gold

Like the first Spring days after the long Winter, you warmed my heart which had been so cold. And some days it had seemed I might always remain bitter, but that all changed when I felt your heart of gold. It warmed me from the inside, all the way out, and from then on I... Continue Reading →

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