Hallows Eve

Under moonlit treetops, Shadows tall and still. This night you’d hear a pin drop, And the wind would give you chills. I’m frightened to my bones, my legs are nearly shaking, I hear the ghastly ghouls; I fear my breath they’re taking. Put on your mask, we’ve got to be quick! On Hallows Eve, it’s... Continue Reading →

Fall Destiny Moon

The leaves are falling, so am I. Not down but up, toward the night sky. It was here I was told, by the moon no less, That destiny is calling, I'd do best to say yes. To deny it is only to delay, This on my mind, heavy it weighs. So I stopped putting it... Continue Reading →

The Creek

Slish, slosh, through the creek, my favorite place I'd always seek. To sit and listen in the Spring, to all of nature's beautiful things. And in the Summer it felt so cool, I'd take the creek over any pool. In the Fall the leaves would change in color- and fall in the water- a sight... Continue Reading →

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