The Dreams of the Tide

In was nearby the seaside caverns that the boy did reside. He came to the shores each night to see the moon direct the tide. He'd sit there for awhile, never minding the time. And watch the silver reflected light on the surface shine. The older he got, the longer each night he would stay.... Continue Reading →

Out At Sea

When I was younger, maybe 9 or 10 or 11, I used to lay awake in my room at night looking out the window where the moonlight would pour in from a clear country night sky. I'd lay there, much like I still do today, and likely will for much of my life to come,... Continue Reading →

New Thoughts That Come With A Warm Breeze

We often don't believe things are possible until we experience them ourselves. Even when we witness and physically see something that appears to be impossible, we are still left with our doubts. So perhaps this is why achieving your ultimate dream seems so impossible. You have not experienced it yet, as you haven't reached it... Continue Reading →

What Lies Amongst The Stars

Deeply rooted am I to this Earth, like the greatest Oak in all the lands. But my spirit yearns for the stars and the secrets they hide behind their night skies. So each night when I lie down in my bed, I let that mysterious sleep wash over me, and my spirit goes to that... Continue Reading →

No More Excuses

It seems it is far too easy for us to create excuses for why we haven't done the things in life we want to do. We say things like "I'll go there one day." "I'll be rich one day." "I'll find the right relationship one day." Why is it one day? Why not today? By... Continue Reading →

Giving Your Ideas A Chance To Grow

Starting something new and possibly time consuming can be hard to do. It's easy to dream and think about how great things would be if you could do this or that. But when it comes to actually doing "this or that" we usually don't even give ourselves a chance. What keeps us from trying out... Continue Reading →

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