On the planet Altaria a metal lies below the crust, And with it crafted a sword of the mightiest thrust. A sword that laughs at chain-mail, pays iron no regard. Those that underestimate it, shall forevermore be scarred. So if you face a foe one day, with Altarian metal in his grasp, You'd do best... Continue Reading →

Space Spider

On to Saturn, Around the rings, A lovely pattern, The space spider strings. Spacecraft, astronauts, a mix of dust and rock, Have all become the spider's stock. So if it's past Saturn that you must wander, To go to planets and stars off yonder, Take care to skirt the spider's web, Or you'll soon find... Continue Reading →

You Are The Tide

I dreamed of someone like you, Someone who possessed that pull. As if you were the tide, Pulling me softly away from the rough grains of sand that held me in solitude for so long. And I let you carry me, out to where the ocean's depths are still unknown to man. But I did... Continue Reading →

Lizard Wizard

What do you know about the wizard? Why I've heard he's fan of snakes, turtles, and lizards. That would seem like odd taste for a man of mystical magic, Though the truth behind the matter is really quite tragic. You see the people hail from both far and wide, Many have come, and many more... Continue Reading →

Three Words

Understand. That's what I'm trying to give, understanding to a feeling that is so often said in three words. But I'm a Poet, something I've come to admit to myself overtime without the slightest bit of remorse. And three words simply cannot do justice to what I feel inside. Three words that I cannot help... Continue Reading →

Love Again

I'm at that age now where I've experienced life both before and after love. When you're a child and the only love you know is for your family and adventure, well all I can say is that's a wonderful time and growing up is simply not something worth rushing into because those childhood days have... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I just sit and stare at the sunset, And I think- right there that's beauty. There're still beautiful things in this world. I guess I just need to find my own sunset, my own beauty in this life.

A Lesson

The lessons we learn as we get older, well I can't say they're any more or less important than the ones we learn at any age. The same can be learned by a child that another learns as an adult, or when they're older, or somewhere in between. It may be that what one learns... Continue Reading →

Him and Her

They chatted through the days, they talked late into each night. And then came the day when she was gone from his life. No more texts, no calls, not even a wave. The worst of it was, he had no way to save- That wondrous connection that lasted great a whole year, But as time... Continue Reading →

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