Spring, The Time of Growth

Spring is here and along with the diminishing frosts I can feel the coldness around my heart begin to melt in the warmer weather.

I look into my garden and see all the little sprouts emerging from the earth. I think to myself that I hope I can grow like them after a winter of dormancy.

Gazing out further I see the trees at the edge of my field have begun to flourish with fresh leaves. I compare the sprouts to these formidable giants that seem to reach into the clouds and the realization comes that everyone on this planet has to take the time to grow.

After all, where’s the fun in staying down in the dirt? Why not try to elevate ourselves into those mighty oaks that can weather any storm?

This Spring let’s all take the time to grow ourselves, so that when the fiery Summer days start to blaze down on us, we can soak up the rays knowing that we will only grow taller.

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