Inside an Old Tome

There’s a bridge that’s known; not to those who look,

But to the searcher who finds himself opening this book.

An age-old tome, in which adventures of grandeur await,

But before you cross this path, you should know the reader’s fate.

The main character, you ask? I thought you’d realized by now-

Why it’s you, dear bookworm, go on- take a bow.

A dragon you’ll encounter, and sorcerers you’ll meet.

Fear not the wizards, but slaying the dragon is quite a feat!

You’ll need to be armed, with a boasting broadsword no less,

Against his solid scales, no other blade can impress!

The maestros of magic can distract the beast from afar,

Casting scintillating spells that’ll keep you from getting charred.

When the centaurs arrive, wielding bow and arrow of the best,

A distraction they’ll incur when a row of darts hits his chest.

Then with one great lunge, whilst the wyrm is distraught-

You’ll pierce the underbelly; to this lizard a lesson has been taught!

Now gather the treasure, with great haste and great speed.

As the centaurs and wizards cheer, watching the dragon bleed.

Oh no, they’ve noticed! Your greed may be your demise!

A great trail of warlocks and horsemen ride your behind!

You should’ve shared the treasure, but I’m afraid you had no choice-

In this book your role is set, you haven’t any real say or voice.

So run, run! Fast as you may!

Across that bridge- you know the way!

You’ve only just made it, back out of the pages you once possessed!

The treasure you’ve secured, but in your arse lies an arrow, no less.

Next time you journey inside an old novel, you’ll now be aware-

Centaurs have great aim, and treasure should always be shared.

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