Rid of Shadow

For a time it seemed I had a shadow of two, Looming behind me, keeping me back was you. Not you in the flesh but your memory in a way, Kept me from having any sort of productive day. So I banished this daemon, sent it back to the unknown, And I hope that now... Continue Reading →


I might always wonder, If there had not been sea upon sea between us, What could we have been? And then I grew older and I rid my mind of the word could. Because anything we truly want to do, there is a way. And so, perhaps one day I'll get on a ship, or... Continue Reading →

Fall Destiny Moon

The leaves are falling, so am I. Not down but up, toward the night sky. It was here I was told, by the moon no less, That destiny is calling, I'd do best to say yes. To deny it is only to delay, This on my mind, heavy it weighs. So I stopped putting it... Continue Reading →


On the planet Altaria a metal lies below the crust, And with it crafted a sword of the mightiest thrust. A sword that laughs at chain-mail, pays iron no regard. Those that underestimate it, shall forevermore be scarred. So if you face a foe one day, with Altarian metal in his grasp, You'd do best... Continue Reading →

Space Spider

On to Saturn, Around the rings, A lovely pattern, The space spider strings. Spacecraft, astronauts, a mix of dust and rock, Have all become the spider's stock. So if it's past Saturn that you must wander, To go to planets and stars off yonder, Take care to skirt the spider's web, Or you'll soon find... Continue Reading →

All Is One

A friend of mine, A friend of yours. We're all the same, The world's a blur. There's hate and love, Joy and sorrow, Today, tonight, and maybe tomorrow. But if you listen, Oh-so close, You'll hear the whispers, Of he who knows the most. Call him god, Call him grace. I call him none, But... Continue Reading →

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