Love Again

I’m at that age now where I’ve experienced life both before and after love.

When you’re a child and the only love you know is for your family and adventure, well all I can say is that’s a wonderful time and growing up is simply not something worth rushing into because those childhood days have become so precious in my mind- though I know this isn’t the case for us all.

And then along comes that completely different kind of love, and it’s amazing. No, it’s astounding– just how fucking incredible it is.

Then there’s that time when Love spreads far apart from the one you first felt it for. Not that the feeling ever really leaves completely, but it is gone from you nonetheless, if you can understand what I mean.

And that shit sucks.

But gradually you miss that feeling, especially sharing it with another human being, and you begin to become open to it again. Open to the idea of having that different kind of love come back into your life.

Well I’ve reached that point, and you know what? It feels pretty damn good just to think about it. Just the thought that you’re ready for love to pour back into your life- wherever it may come from.

Love is truly the most amazing part of life I’ve experienced, even with all the bad that can follow it considered.

So be open to Love again, it’s worth it, at least that’s what I believe. And nobody can convince me otherwise.

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