A Lesson

The lessons we learn as we get older, well I can’t say they’re any more or less important than the ones we learn at any age. The same can be learned by a child that another learns as an adult, or when they’re older, or somewhere in between. It may be that what one learns in childhood, another may not face or need to know until they’re old and gray. Some lessons needn’t even be taught to us at all, there are those that we can come into this world carrying with us.

Well I learned one today. I learned a lesson that only life and experience and living itself can teach you. From my short-time on this Earth so far, I’ve come to decide that these lessons that only life can teach you are the most valuable- at least when it comes to just being another human on this planet. And hell, that just might be the most important thing about us, that we’re human. There’s something about the simplicity of that last statement that brings with it a note of comfort, at least to me.

I won’t bother you with the details of how I came about my realization. Not because I want you to go through the challenges and emotions that I did, but because the journey to realization and Truth varies for the individual. My travels are not the same as yours my friend, and this is the best way I can lead into what I’m really here to tell you.

We are all so fucking different.

And that is what makes us humans so wonderful and terrible at the same time. More so, it is what makes our interactions with one another so wonderful and terrible. There are other feelings that come with this knowledge- fear and love most certainly, though I feel I’m not required to name anymore. Because you know, and I know, that we all react in our own mysterious ways.

There’s not much more to it than that. That’s another sign I think we all come to find associated with our personal Truths- simplicity. It’s that which takes only a few words to say that sums up the lesson.

I end this epiphany with the one piece of advice I genuinely feel I can offer to you.

Remove the emotion of fear from your interactions with each other. Let Fear be saved for scary movies, the night of Halloween as a child, haunted houses, and shade. Feel everything else, all those other emotions- even the ones that a word cannot be tied to.

Do not fear your human longing to connect with another, and undoubtedly do not allow it to deter you from the great exchange; the Soul to Soul, Heart to Heart, Body to Body, Mind to Mind exchange that is life itself.

Travel onward into the night not with fear of the dark.

The sun rises tomorrow.

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