I remember sitting with you, in the park next to the fountain.

It was breezy and the wind seemed relentless against your hair, blowing it every which way.

You turned away for a moment, your hand still in mine.

And a thought rushed to my mind, a feeling swept through my heart.

It was a simple one, but the best I’ve ever known, and the words that went along with it were pure.

“I cannot be happier than I am in this moment, with you by my side.”

Then there was the day we walked through the woods, something we did often.

But when I put my arm around you on that Winter day as we continued down the path-

There wasn’t a blizzard in the world that could have given me more chills.

Because once again a feeling came to me, “This is it, this is all I want- You.”

And I knew it was true, immediately, without a doubt, because of the chills that washed over me for a moment.

That’s a funny thing about me, I’ve always gotten those goosebumps when I know something to be more true than anything else.

I must say I don’t get them too often, but when I was with you they seemed to come in waves at times.

You’d even notice once in awhile, or perhaps you just thought me odd in the instant-

But there were times when we’d lay in bed together and suddenly I’d be overcome with this happiness and I couldn’t help but laugh!

You’d look at me and ask what was funny, and all I could say was “Oh nothing, I was just thinking of something.”

I wish I would’ve just told you what it was- wish I would’ve told you how happy you made me more often, even though I know I did it a lot.

Ever since the path we once traveled side by side forked off into two different directions, I’ve thought often of you and whether I should have forgotten about my journey and followed after yours.

I don’t think that would’ve been right. I know it wouldn’t have. But there is something else I’ve learned.

Something I’ve probably always known, but just never given much thought.

That feelings span across distance and time in a way different from anything else we humans have ever experienced.

There’s something else too- now that I’ve been on my own road for awhile, and you’ve been on yours, there’s no reason why they couldn’t one day meet again.

But I won’t try to force my path in the direction of yours, I know they must meet naturally if they are ever to stay together for good.

Just one last thing I’d like to tell you-

I still get chills when I say to myself, “I love her, more than anything in the world.”

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