A Lesson

The lessons we learn as we get older, well I can't say they're any more or less important than the ones we learn at any age. The same can be learned by a child that another learns as an adult, or when they're older, or somewhere in between. It may be that what one learns... Continue Reading →

A Flower For You

A flower for you, but what's the right type? I used to think you liked daisies, but perhaps I'm not right. I could pluck you a lily, or even my favorite white rose, But in the end, it matters not, for I may never know. Remember the summer nights, when the breezes were warm? And... Continue Reading →


I remember sitting with you, in the park next to the fountain. It was breezy and the wind seemed relentless against your hair, blowing it every which way. You turned away for a moment, your hand still in mine. And a thought rushed to my mind, a feeling swept through my heart. It was a... Continue Reading →

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