The Dreams of the Tide

In was nearby the seaside caverns that the boy did reside.

He came to the shores each night to see the moon direct the tide.

He’d sit there for awhile, never minding the time.

And watch the silver reflected light on the surface shine.

The older he got, the longer each night he would stay.

Until the day came when he fell asleep to the sounds of the waves.

The most peculiar dreams one could ever see in their slumber,

swirled around his calmed mind in a series of wonder.

From then on he returned, each dusk without fail.

To sleep til the morning, waking to the first boats that set sail.

As time went by he became a man they thought to be deranged,

always rambling on to whoever would listen about the strangest of things.

He never cared much for what the people might think,

for when he bedded in the sand he knew he was just on the brink,

of a marvelous adventure, the dreams guided by moonlight-

And the waking of each morning, into the only life he thought right.

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