Infinite Theory

It’s a beautiful day here in small town Ohio and I thought why not take a walk down the philosophical side today. What follows is something I wrote quite some time back. Note that I have no idea if the ideas and concepts I’m discussing have been brought up by anyone before me. However, I can say 100% of these words are entirely my own- as my writing always has been and always will be (besides a couple parts of procrastinated essays in high school maybe 😉

What you are about to (hopefully) read is something I have entitled the Infinite Theory. Now, keep in mind I may not have all of the tiny kinks in it worked out completely yet. And you may be asking yourself, “Why am I about to read a random guy on the internet’s theory about life, the Universe, and everything?”

Well isn’t that what every philosopher in history has been? (minus the internet part, sorry I’m living in the 21st century) So buckle up, grab a beverage, go sit outside if its nice, and read on:

My theory begins with the idea that the Universe is all one collective consciousness. Going forward when I refer to the Universe you can exchange that word with collective consciousness, the One, and hell (get it) maybe even god. That our consciousness is not really our own, but rather it is just a piece of the Universe’s. However, this means that we are the Universe- as we are pieces of that collective consciousness spread out into countless (literally countless) “bodies” over a course of (likely) endless dimensions. In these other “dimensions” we could be anything that exists. Example: a cat, a blade of grass, anything you can think of- likely we have been or will be everything in one dimension or another because this consciousness is infinite (It’s commonly believed that the universe people refer to as space is constantly expanding so that is one definition of infinite.) It’d then be easy to assume that anything that could ever happen has actually happened or will happen eventually. A simpler way of saying this is that the concept of impossible doesn’t exist.

Now let’s take a look at a commonly used idiom related to impossibility- “When pigs fly.” You’re thinking to yourself even now as you’re reading this “ Why that’s preposterous, downright silly! That’s impossible for a pig to grow wings and fly!” But think about how many fucking (🤭) planets and all the shit there is in outer space! Wouldn’t it be likely, based on the sheer number of planets that exist, that on one of them in one of those infinite dimensions- somewhere there’s a pig with wings!

I can almost hear some of you crying out now, “But Mason, what about eVoLuTiOn? Where does that fit in?”

Wtf about it? Of course it occurs, probably occurs in a countless number of these dimensions. But it has nothing to do with our consciousness! Hell, that flying pig probably evolved over a long period of time on some planet where it’s environment forced it to adapt so that it could fly for some reason- maybe to catch prey or escape or whatever! (thank you Charles Darwin.)

Now let’s talk about where I’m getting this whole “endless dimension” sci-fi thing. There are infinite dimensions simply because the Universe is one consciousness that we all share. It’s constantly expanding – growing out of nothing but continually expanding. To quote the marvelous Albert Einstein, “Once you can accept the universe as matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy.” That “nothing that is something” he mentions could also be thought of as our collective conscious. And how will I get you to accept that it might indeed be possible that something can come from nothing? Well since we are thinking of the Universe as our shared awareness, and since each one of us are just a part of said awareness, we are constantly learning and expanding ourselves in the lives we live. By doing so (by just living and learning and experiencing) we are simultaneously expanding the streams of consciousness that we are- A process which then ultimately leads to growing the Universe as a whole and that’s why it’s infinite and expands from nothing. Not really “nothing” after all.

Have I lost you yet? Well think of it like this:

Let’s start with asking yourself a question, “Where do my thoughts come from?” Yes, I know they’re technically electro-chemical reactions (or whatever that means), but that just doesn’t seem to do the wonder of thoughts justice. A more practical answer would be that they come from your consciousness. You might think it’s your brain, but really the brain is just acting as a switchboard operator between the Universe and your living body. So what does all this mean? Well get ready ’cause this part is pretty exciting to consider.

Your thoughts are coming to you from somewhere both familiar and unfamiliar to you- your consciousness. And since your consciousness is really my consciousness and everybody else’s consciousness- we are the Universe. That’s right- for some of you who have chosen to think of Universe as God, I basically just told you that you’re a god yourself.

This particular part of the theory does coincide with a few other notable philosopher’s ideas. Take Kaptil Gupta’s book titled Atmamun: The Path To Achieving The Bliss Of The Himalayan Swamis And The Freedom Of A Living God. I know, quite a mouthful, put the correlation is right there in the title, “freedom of a living god.” Then we have the great Paulo Coelho, who goes to great lengths in his writing to explain this idea of people finding their “Personal Legend” in life. Coelho is a master of making these hard to explain philosophical ideas easy to understand by telling them through a story, such as he does in The Alchemist. This Personal Legend is described as the path that you just know you are meant to follow in life. He discusses this language of the Universe, “the soul of the world”, that is basically the feeling you get when you know what the next step is in life that you should be taking. I’ve had this very feeling myself, most all of my life, and so many others have as well. Even Albert Einstein mentions this “Universal Destiny” that he felt guide him or direct him in life. I’m not trying to say there’s voices in your head you can listen to and suddenly know your purpose in life. It’s more like just by listening to yourself or your consciousness you can be more aware of what step you should take next.

Well according to my theory, wouldn’t it make sense that the Universe really is guiding you? That since we are the Universe and we are all one (in consciousness), when we manage to tap into that shared consciousness we receive more knowledge or more guidance or more SOMETHING that helps guide us to achieving our goals or discovering our passions in life. And when we are all heading towards our ultimate goals, we (the Universe) continue to grow our consciousness as a WHOLE and therefor continue to expand out of nothing. Now maybe you can see why I say we are infinite.

Where is all this consciousness stored you ask? It’s in every damn thing that exists! Rocks, planets, atoms, people, frogs, metal- hell there’s that giant vacuum of emptiness we call space too that it could be stored in. It’s everywhere, it’s in us, it is us.

So yeah, maybe it’s a “rough draft” of a philosophical theory about life, the universe, and everything- but it was fun to think about and write down. Hope you enjoyed, have a great day!

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