I did it. I climbed the highest mountain I had ever seen before in my life- And I've seen a good many, mind you. Oh it took some rough and rocky travelin' to get to the peak too. Lots of obstacles, too many distractions, and other unseen elements that seemed to mystically keep me from... Continue Reading →

Past Loves Pale

I thought I had loved others, I even told them so. In the most romantic ways a young boy could show. Over the years these others faded into the past, Then along came you, and I couldn't help but ask- "Would you wanna go with me, maybe forever if we can?" You said yes and... Continue Reading →

Him and Her

They chatted through the days, they talked late into each night. And then came the day when she was gone from his life. No more texts, no calls, not even a wave. The worst of it was, he had no way to save- That wondrous connection that lasted great a whole year, But as time... Continue Reading →

The Dreams of the Tide

In was nearby the seaside caverns that the boy did reside. He came to the shores each night to see the moon direct the tide. He'd sit there for awhile, never minding the time. And watch the silver reflected light on the surface shine. The older he got, the longer each night he would stay.... Continue Reading →

Infinite Theory

It's a beautiful day here in small town Ohio and I thought why not take a walk down the philosophical side today. What follows is something I wrote quite some time back. Note that I have no idea if the ideas and concepts I'm discussing have been brought up by anyone before me. However, I... Continue Reading →

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