A Letter to You, in Care of the Universe

You can be willing to give someone the whole world.

Every last bit of yourself, all your love and happiness you wish so fiercely to offer them.

You’d use every last hour of daylight and still turn on the lamp at night to stay up and think of what you could possibly do or say.

None of it matters if they aren’t willing or ready to accept it.

You can’t force the world, your world, on anyone.

Even if that person was once the whole world and more for you.

But you can put it out there, without ever saying a word.

The Universe doesn’t communicate through words.

It knows what you want, it just can’t force everything to happen the way you think it should.

It’s out there, your greatest wishes and aspirations.

You gave a letter to the Universe without even knowing it.

Now all you can do is wait.

Waiting is hard.

But the Universe knows just the right time to deliver your letter to its final destination.

It might come as a thought, a memory, an idea, a sign, a chance encounter; when it finally gets there.

And even then sometimes its ignored, done away with, tucked back in the recesses of their mind.

But it’s out there- your letter in care of the Universe to the one you want more than anything.

I can’t hope that you’ll get the reply you were wanting my friend- for hope only leads to disappointment.

I promise you it’s out there though- it’ll be read by them at least once.

And at least that’s something.

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