No Stranger To Our Past

Well she came to me a cryin' mess,I thought I'd at least try my best,to console the girl who taught me about love.But little did I know, it was all a show.She acted her part, and played the role,of someone I'd hurt a few long years ago.Said everything had been just fine,'til I had come... Continue Reading →

Crazy Tryin’

When Willie sang he was crazy for tryin',I always thought he was lyin',Cause for her I'd go wherever the wind blows.And here I am, without you, and I'm feelin' so blue,But now tryin's just gettin' too old.Oh I'll go on for awhile,Just to see that sweet smile,I'll keep tryin' and cryin' for you.

Out At Sea

When I was younger, maybe 9 or 10 or 11, I used to lay awake in my room at night looking out the window where the moonlight would pour in from a clear country night sky. I'd lay there, much like I still do today, and likely will for much of my life to come,... Continue Reading →


When the sun's set and one can see the early streaks of a dusk sky, I sit on on my porch and listen to the rain as it falls around my dry self. The air gets that washed-away scent as if all the smells that were there previous have been erased. Like a canvas that... Continue Reading →

What’s Lost

Sometimes you think, "This could never end." Other times it's, "What could possibly come between this? Nothing will ever split this up." And then the day comes and it's just over. That thing you believed would go on forever and could never be broken- yet right before your eyes that very thing has ended. You... Continue Reading →

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