About Me

Mason J. Schneider was born in the city of Des Moines, Iowa. However, his family moved around a bit and he was raised in the small town of Jamestown. Here he has had the odd summer job and also worked as a cashier in the local grocery store. He still lives in Jamestown today, with his cat SneeSnaw, and spends his days writing and dreaming up the stories that come to his mind. He takes great pride in being a story-teller.

Mason’s talents and imagination led to him writing The Wizard of the Night, a children’s fantasy series, and his young adult sci-fi series, Al Moreno Rift Resolver. He plans to continue to dream and write adventurous tales for as long as he can.

In his spare time, Mason enjoys hiking, reading, writing poems, watching movies, and having good times with friends. Despite his young age he has been all over the United States, mainly from playing travel basketball throughout his youth. Growing up his father built a library inside their house, so there was never a shortage of books to read.

In the future Mason hopes to become a prosperous fiction author and use his success to travel the world and experience other cultures. He believes that then he may be more qualified to sit down and write books on how he views the world.

Twitter: @mayso35 (or just click on that little Twitter bird icon at the top)

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