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Mason J. Schneider was born in the city of Des Moines, Iowa. However, his family moved around a bit and he was raised in the small town of Jamestown. Here he has had the odd summer job and also worked as a cashier in the local grocery store. He still lives in Jamestown today, with... Continue Reading →


Want to know when my next book is coming out? I'll also let you know when previously published books go on sale and any other useful information. Oh yeah, and I promise no spam and your email will be safe and secure. Now let's not make this any more awkward than it needs to be-... Continue Reading →

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Click on the cover above to view on Amazon Al Moreno is a man of many talents- rollerblading aficionado, handsomest man in the galaxy, and above all- a Rift Resolver. His list went on much longer, but we had to cut him off after that for the sake of having enough space on the back... Continue Reading →

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Click on the cover above to view on Amazon His family and all he has ever known left behind. Will Myles fulfill his wizard destiny and save the world or lose more than ever before? Waking up in an entirely new world, Myles is forced to trust a complete stranger who claims he is destined... Continue Reading →

One Last Dance

One last dance to share, between you and I. But it won't be in a ballroom, rather under a starlit sky. I'll lead you through the finest waltz I can muster, She'll follow my steps, because I know I can trust her. A caper here, a gambol next- or we can can keep it simple,... Continue Reading →

A Splash Of Sun

When life seemed dull and full of gray, she came along and brought me better days.I was filled with warmth but it wasn't the sun's-The feeling that made me realize you were the one.But what happens next neither me nor you could know,we got older, the warmth faded, and apart we grow.My life returned to... Continue Reading →

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