With You

And still I go back at times to that unknown place.

Where it seems time is lost in a swirl of memories.

I see the good times and the bad.

I feel the emotions as if I were there and shake with the vivideness of what was.

And mixed in with the joyous happiness I could only share with you,

I see the times when you cried, when I cried, when we hurt eachother-

Even though that was the last thing we ever wanted.

But still I go back, to that unknown place.

I relive every moment that flashes through my mind.

Your smile, your tears, your presence that made everything feel as if it’d be alright.

I go back to that unknown place, time and time again.

And everytime when I return, I am left with one single thought-

I would do it all over again,

With you.

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