One Year On WordPress Anniversary

It makes me happy to see that I have stuck with this, and it has helped lead me to discover that writing truly is my passion. Today I do not have a poem for you, but instead something I read and my thoughts about it. This comes from the book Direct Truth by Kapil Gupta. Although... Continue Reading →

In Search of Love

I've gazed at the sky for countless nights, seen all its wonders, when every star was in sight. And I've traveled the world, from one side to the other. I've seen this great Earth, and she's truly our mother. Yes I've set sail on the oceans, through calm seas and storm. And when it all... Continue Reading →

I Should Like To Live

I should like to live in the forest for a while and learn the wisdom of how the trees remain so grounded throughout all the changes in life. I should like to live by the coast for sometime, so I can hear the mystical conversations between the Moon and the Tides each night. I should... Continue Reading →

New Thoughts That Come With A Warm Breeze

We often don't believe things are possible until we experience them ourselves. Even when we witness and physically see something that appears to be impossible, we are still left with our doubts. So perhaps this is why achieving your ultimate dream seems so impossible. You have not experienced it yet, as you haven't reached it... Continue Reading →

A Drifting Image

I wonder, from time to time, If I still happen to cross your mind? Because I have not forgotten you, and in my head your face often comes to view. Every time I hear the sirens in my city, I hope that no harm has come to you, pretty. And that would seem a foolish... Continue Reading →

Heart of Gold

Like the first Spring days after the long Winter, you warmed my heart which had been so cold. And some days it had seemed I might always remain bitter, but that all changed when I felt your heart of gold. It warmed me from the inside, all the way out, and from then on I... Continue Reading →

Small Hometown Vibes

I realize I've been writing a lot of poetry lately on the site, and I've been really enjoying it. However, in an effort to give you guys something different, I thought I'd tell you about my experience working in a grocery store. Thrilling, I know! Let's see now, I was about fifteen and a half... Continue Reading →

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