Follow The Music

Like gentle waves rolling into the sand,

she lulls me to sleep.

Her heart beat sounds like the sweetest sonnet,

one that was meant just for me.

And what I wouldn’t do to feel her arms embrace,

the one that takes me to such a mystical place.

Where there’s only two, that’s just you and I,

and the sun sets deep as I look into your eyes.

The most magnificient blue, one worthy of the stars.

For you I’d travel the planets; Earth, Saturn, and Mars.

Because when I get lost in your love there is no greater feeling,

there is no pain that can challenge your smile’s healing.

The softest pink lips that make me fade into you,

come and stay here with me beloved, where it’s only us two.

If you should ever to get lost, and can’t find your way back-

Do not worry my love, for I’ll create the greatest soundtrack.

So just listen for the music and you’ll soon be right here,

next to me, forever, I love you my dear.

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