Through My Senses

I searched the garden for the lightest pink rose so that I could see your lips again. But it couldn't compare. I walked along the shoreline and gazed at the ocean, just to look into your blue eyes once more. But it couldn't compare. I pulled the down feathers from within my pillow, just to... Continue Reading →

The Creek

Slish, slosh, through the creek, my favorite place I'd always seek. To sit and listen in the Spring, to all of nature's beautiful things. And in the Summer it felt so cool, I'd take the creek over any pool. In the Fall the leaves would change in color- and fall in the water- a sight... Continue Reading →

My Own Juliet

Into the forest I walked by night. No fears of the dark, not the slightest of frights. For when I looked between the trees the moon shown above, I could feel the wind push me forward with the friendlest shove. As if they were old friends, which indeed they must be, they guided me further,... Continue Reading →

Behind The Waterfall

It was summer then and I loved you so, when we'd wander down by the river below- the mountains so tall they rose to the skies. I'd look to the blue water and see the same color in your eyes. Walking hand in hand by the banks edge, we reached a dazzling spot behind the... Continue Reading →

Follow The Music

Like gentle waves rolling into the sand, she lulls me to sleep. Her heart beat sounds like the sweetest sonnet, one that was meant just for me. And what I wouldn't do to feel her arms embrace, the one that takes me to such a mystical place. Where there's only two, that's just you and... Continue Reading →

Can you feel love?

Can you feel love? If not I sometimes envy you. For although it can feel the warmest at times it can be so blue. Your spirit uplifted to the stars, two hearts intertwined. If I could do it over though, I'd still hit rewind. I'd relive all the days, both the good and the bad.... Continue Reading →

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