Two Forms Of Inspiration For Content Creators

You might be a fellow writer. Or you might be interested in making t.v. shows, movies, Youtube videos, painting, singing, making music beats, doing stand-up comedy, or you might create some form of content that I can't even think of. But what inspires you to create entertainment for others? Because ultimately- isn't there a form... Continue Reading →

Five of Them Sat (Poem)

Five of them sat, right there on my deck. Did they not know it was winter- what the heck! "Go somewhere warm!" I called out to them. They completely ignored me, "Ahem...AHEM!" "Oh yes good sir we hear your concern, and it is true that for warmer weather we yearn, but have no fear for... Continue Reading →

A Question For You- Yes You!

Everyone seems to be enjoying the poems lately. They're fun and quick to read and provide a little relief from the everyday stresses of life- even if just for a few moments. But I want to hear from you! If you'd consider doing me a favor I ask that you leave a comment below asking... Continue Reading →

Little Yellow Flower (Poem)

It was when he was loneliest, but that he did not know, that she came along and said she had something to show. Her hands were cupped- but she opened them now. And there was the littlest yellow flower that nature could allow. She said, "I'll be your flower when your days seem the dullest,... Continue Reading →

A Boring Dystopia

The world we live in is far different from the world a century ago. Countless technologies and innovations have come out, new business fields created entirely, new laws governing companies, you name it! It's a really different place. But one thing I've noticed when it comes to the "money" section of life is that any... Continue Reading →

The Worst Things (Poem)

The worst things that could happen to me, oh there are far too many to see. I could fall off a cliff! Get kicked by a horse. Lose my favorite gif, Have my skin get coarse. All I can think of is what could go wrong, there's many to list- that's why I made this... Continue Reading →

One Sacred Flower (Poem)

Withering near the willows was the final sacred flower. It was said that it would be used to save the world in its darkest hour. Along came the ancient hawk on one final quest. He dug beneath the earth where the flower did rest. Until the roots were exposed and he clamped it in his... Continue Reading →

Random Thought: Lil Uzi

Isn't it weird to think that celebrities are really just ordinary people who are really good at something and made themselves noticed? They weren't (in most cases) born into being famous. Like think of a rapper, we'll say Lil Uzi Vert, he's just a young guy who decided to put some lyrics over cool hype... Continue Reading →

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