Down a Long Lane- final part

“I don’t know, I like her a lot, it’s just she’s a bit older than me.”

    “Yeah but you’re not in high school anymore Mikey, two years isn’t shit. I think you should ask her out.”

    “Oh yeah? What makes you the sudden expert on relationships, Mr. One Night Stand, isn’t that what the ladies call you?”

“Oh fuck off, these are my wild days, I’ll settle down one day.” they both laughed and Mikey turned the music back up.

    They sat talking and singing along to Eric’s playlist for a couple more hours before he pulled off into a gas station. The camaro rumbled up beside one of the pumps and Mikey hopped out to stretch.

    “You want anything from inside?” he asked his brother.

    “Yeah grab me a Redbull will ya?” Eric shouted to his brother opening the store’s front door.

    Mikey grabbed two large energy drinks and payed the cashier. He bought a two dollar scratch-off ticket too, a habit he had started as soon as he turned eighteen. Then he walked back out and got in the car. The Camaro started up with a loud rumble that turned the heads of a few older guys in the parking lot. One of them gave Eric a thumbs-up as he pulled back onto the highway.

    Two Redbulls got polished off and $25 was won on a lottery ticket by the time they finally neared their destination. The roads towards the end of the trip had become gravel and eventually almost dirt. They finally turned on a thin road with the name Little Cola Lane rusted onto a sign near it. They drove down it for ten miles without seeing a single house. Mikey was about to double check the address when Eric noticed a long dirt lane on the left. There was no mailbox or house number written anywhere, but the two agreed that this must indeed be their destination. The clock on the car radio read 10:03 p.m.

   “You sure about this?” Eric asked after they had been following the lane through trees on either side for five minutes.

    “Might as well keep going now.” Mikey said nervously.

    After a few more minutes Eric finally pointed out some lights that were shining from the porch of a largish cabin ahead. He pulled his car in the drive next to a beat down pickup truck and a sporty looking Subaru.

    “So should we just knock on the door or uhh?” Mikey openly pondered.

    “I don’t know what else to do.” Eric laughed nervously.

    They walked up to the front of the cabin and knocked on the door. Shuffling followed by footsteps could be heard from inside. Mikey relaxed a little when he recognized the guy named Grant opening the door.

    “Decided to show up, eh?” he greeted Mikey.

    “Yeah, this is my brother Eric by the way.” Mikey explained.

    Eric and Grant exchanged a nod and a handshake and Grant walked them inside. They went down a longish hallway made from some sort of polished logs. There were various paintings hanging on the wall, some of which Mikey wanted to stop and take a closer look at but he decided now wasn’t the time. At the end of the hallway they came to a kitchen with a large middle island that had several chairs arranged around it. Here Liam sat, the man with the long country beard.

    “Mikey, was it? Daniel will be glad you decided to come.” he said nicely with a grin.

I hope you guys enjoyed this sneak preview into Down a Long Lane.

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