Down a Long Lane- part 3

    “Hey what’s up man, how was work last night?” Eric asked him as he entered the kitchen.

    “It was…interesting I guess you could say.” he responded with a wild look.

    “Oh god, what didya kill a couple raccoons or somethin’ Mikey?” Eric joked.

    “Not quite, you might wanna sit down for this.” Mikey laughed back.

    The two of them enjoyed an oven pizza while Mikey relayed the events that had taken place the night before in the junkyard. When he finished Eric sat staring at him in awe.

    “That’s some fucking wild shit man! You coulda fuckin died ya crazy bastard!” Eric finally spoke, his face was hard to read.

    “But I didn’t, I handled myself pretty well I think. So what do you think about working with these guys? The money they make is probably insane.” Mikey offered.

    “You’ve got to be kidding, right? I don’t even think you should have taken the cell-phone, I mean yeah we’ll smoke the weed and everything. I just don’t think contacting those guys again is a great idea. Unless of course you’re trynna die?”

    “No man, I just want to see what that Daniel guy has to say. He seemed confident like he really knows what he’s doing.”

    “I don’t know, he got his whole delivery taken from him. Sounds like a little bitch to me.” Eric laughed.

    Just as Mikey was about to reply, the cellphone in his pocket buzzed twice. He pulled it out to see a text message from the number he had tried to call earlier.

“Was that him?” Eric asked, slightly nervously.

    “Yeah, he said meet me tonight if you’re really interested, and sent an address.”

    “Where the hell at?” his brother asked.

    “22 Little Cola Lane, just outside of Superior National Forest.”

    “Dude that’s like a five hour drive! I have to go there every once in awhile for Ranger meetings. Are your really interested in this? What about school and your job?” Eric criticized.

    “I’m sick of that shit and you know I am, it’s just not what I want to do and I don’t want to waste anymore time on it. Besides, I’m not committing to anything, I just want to hear what he has to say.”

    “Well you’re sure as not going alone and you’re not driving my car- so looks like I’m coming with you. Cause there’s no way an uber is taking you basically to the Canadian border.”

    “I really appreciate it man, I’ll give you some gas money too, bro.”

    “No need little brother, just let me toke up that weed he gave you and we’ll head out.” Eric gave an amusing look as he finished talking.

    Mikey headed back into his bedroom and grabbed the small bag on his nightstand. He handed it to his brother who was busy slicing a cigar down the middle. Mikey watched as Eric dumped out most of the tobacco that was in the cigar and filled it up with the green weed. He then proceeded to lick and roll it until it was resealed.

  “Nice little spliff right there!” Eric commented on his craftsmanship as he slid open the door that led to their little balcony.

    Mikey followed him out and sat in the chair beside him. His brother offered him a hit but he declined saying something about needing to keep his senses alert for whatever was going to happen later on in the night. After about ten minutes Eric smushed the bud out in an ashtray and they headed back inside. It had been freezing out there and they both welcomed in the warmth of their apartment.

    Eric sat down for awhile longer and quickly ate up the last few slices of pizza. Then they grabbed their stuff and headed out the door and took the elevator down into the underground parking garage. Mikey climbed into the passenger seat of his brother’s burnt orange 1967 Camaro, a graduation gift he was still very jealous about. Mikey felt as if his other two siblings always got the good stuff. His little sister was 16 and had just gotten a brand new Cadillac for her birthday. She lived with their parents in St. Cloud where they had all three grown up.

    Then again, when Mikey had turned 16 his parents had offered to buy him a car. But he decided to take cash instead, which didn’t turn out to be too bad because he still had $10,000 of it saved in the bank. The Camaro was now cruising a swift 75 mph up the interstate.

    “How’s that weed got you feeling?” Mikey asked.

    “Honestly it wasn’t anything spectacular, I could honestly probably grow some better shit haha.” Eric replied.

    “I don’t doubt it, with all that shit you’re learning in school you could probably grow the best strains in Minnesota.”

    Eric gave him a questionable look before saying, “Now don’t you try to rope me into this stuff man. If you want to go off being some drug kingpin or whatever be my guest, but I’ve got a good future ahead of me.”

    ‘I’m not, I’m not, chill. But don’t go insulting these guys’ marijuana when we get there.” Mikey suggested.

    Eric grunted in agreement and went to adjust the radio. He put on some old rap songs they used to listen to when he’d take Mikey home from school. They rapped along to an Eminem song and then Eric turned the volume down a few notches as Kanye came on next.

    “So what’s the deal with that Tricia chick? You ever going to ask her out, or what?” Eric looked at his brother as he spoke.

Next part tomorrow!

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