My apologies for no post yesterday

Sometimes life just keeps you busy with other things and you forget to post on your website!

So in order to make it up to you I’ve got something even better for story week: over the next few days I’ll be posting the first couple chapters of my upcoming book: Down A Long Lane

Without further ado, I give you the first bit!

Chapter 1

    Crash! The Xbox controller flew across the room and slammed into the wall. A small indentation could be seen along with a black streak.

    “What the fuck Mikey! How many times do I have to tell you not to do that shit?” a voice shouted from the couch.

    “Maybe it wouldn’t happen if you didn’t cheat at this damn game every time!” another voice answered.

    Mikey knew his older brother Eric hadn’t cheated, but it pissed him off when he lost too many games in a row. It seemed like his brother was beating him in everything. He was two years ahead of him in college and would be graduating in the Spring. He’d be making over 100k a year right out of school as an environmental chemist.

    Eric sat up from the couch to investigate the damage to his wall. He stretched for a moment revealing his six pack abs and huge biceps. Yet another way he was beating Mikey, who was certain he’d be tall and skinny forever.

    “Well the landlord isn’t going to be too happy about that.” Eric remarked.

    “I’ll patch it up later, I gotta go to work man, see ya asshole.” called Mikey as he headed for the front door of their two-bedroom apartment. He heard his brother mumble something about being immature as he grabbed his jacket and walked out the door. Mikey walked down the hallway and hit the button for the elevator. He waited impatiently for a minute, tapping his hand against his dark gray jeans. He had a graphic tee on that had a picture of one of his favorite Youtuber’s face on the front. His black jacket complimented the look well. The elevator dinged and opened up, and a lady with a small fuzzy dog walked out.

    “Morning Mikey.” she greeted him kindly with a smile.

    “Evening Tricia.” he laughed as he replied.

    They caught each other’s eye for a moment before the steel doors of the elevator closed shut. The two had exchanged that same greeting for the two months since Mikey and his brother had moved in. It was an inside joke between the two as Tricia would be getting home from work late at around midnight and Mikey would just be heading off to his night-time shift. There was something about her Mikey liked, it made him feel a little less shitty about going to work when he got to see her smile.

    The door opened up and Mikey walked through the front lobby and out into the street. He pulled out his phone and ordered an Uber. It didn’t take long for his ride to pull up beside the curb, Minneapolis was always crawling with drivers. Mikey had thought about doing it once for a little extra cash, but he never felt like taking the time to clean out his car. He exchanged hellos with the driver, who was definitely from somewhere in the Middle East, but Mikey couldn’t pin down what country.

    He climbed out of the car as it pulled up beside the junkyard he worked at as a security guard. He never really minded working on the weekends, because he got the entire day off of school. The owner, Dave, was walking out the gate as Mikey approached.

    “Hey Mikey my boy, how ya doin’ on this lovely fuckin’ evening?” Dave called in a gruff voice that matched his appearance perfectly.

    He had a great long beard, black in color, and wore hoodie with the junkyard’s logo on it.

    “Cold as a penguin’s tits buddy.” Mikey replied as he opened the door to the main office.

    “Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. Don’t let anybody steal my junk, alright? And if you see those damn raccoons give em a scare with that pellet gun.”

    “You’re the boss.” Mikey called with a wave as Dave left the compound.

    Mikey went to the lockers in the backroom and changed into his security uniform. Equipped with a pellet gun and night-stick, he felt ready for the nasty raccoons tonight. He walked back through the front office and sat in the rolly-chair in front of the camera footage.

    “Six hours of doing pretty much nothing.” he said to himself with a grin.

    He pulled out his phone and started watching random videos and browsing his social media. After about an hour of this he started to get bored and decided to make his first rounds through the yard. He put his jacket on over his uniform and walked outside. Stadium lights illuminated the majority of the compound. Mikey took a right and walked past mountains of crushed and crashed cars. He kept straight for some time and eventually approached the back fence. Here there were mountains of tires, computer parts, and other worthless junk stacked up. Mikey suddenly heard something clanging from behind a pile of clothes and shoes.

    “Those damn raccoons.” he thought as pulled out the pellet gun.

    He tiptoed quietly to the edge of the pile and crouched down. Voices could be heard talking in hushed tones.

    “That’s not a fucking raccoon, there’s people back there. Oh shit!” he spoke aloud on accident.

    “Wait, what the hell was that?” one of the voices rang out, it sounded like a man in his late twenties or early thirties.

    “You’re crazy Liam, now shut the fuck up, they should be here any minute.”

    Catching his breath, Mikey peered up from behind the mound to get a look at the trespassers. He could see three guys, the one who yelled was white, probably in his early thirties. He wore a brown leather jacket and dark tan boots. The other two looked a bit younger. Liam had a long mustache that extended down into a large beard. The other had long light brown hair that could be seen underneath the beanie on top of his head.

    Headlights flashed and a car approached where the three men were standing.

    “What the hell is going on.” thought Mikey.

    An older man, around age fifty climbed from out of the driver’s seat. He had a dark gray overcoat on and wore a matching fedora on his head. He was taller than the others and seemed to carry a powerful presence.

    “Good to see you Daniel.” the old man said as he shook the man in the leather jacket’s hand.

    “Always a pleasure Elijah.” Daniel replied, and Mikey thought he detected a note of sarcasm in the man’s voice.

    “I assume you have my delivery? Harry, please load it in the car.

    At this time the man who had remained in the passenger seat of the car emerged. He was a hulking man, and although it was a freezing night, he wore only a t-shirt which exposed his ripped muscles.

    “Of course. Grant, grab the bags over there.” Daniel ordered to the guy with the long hair.

    Mikey watched as Grant walked away and then came back with a duffel bag in each hand. They seemed to be packed completely full, and they sounded with a thud when he dropped them on the ground in front of Harry. The massive man picked them up and carried them around to the trunk of the dark black Range Rover they had pulled up in. No one spoke for a few moments and Mikey pondered what he should do.

    Before he could come up with a decent plan, Harry spoke up from behind the car.

    “They’re short by a pound boss.” he muttered.

    “No, those muscles must just be getting in the way of your brain there a bit, Daniel wouldn’t short me.” Elijah scoffed.

    “No he’s right, that’s all we could harvest this round.” Daniel answered.

    “Is that so? And you expect full payment?” Elijah asked.

    “If you want us to stay in business we’re going to need it. Upkeep has been high these past few harvests.” he replied.

    “Bullshit.” Elijah spoke the word clearly and concisely and swiftly pulled his coat apart to reveal a machine pistol in one of its pockets.

    “Woah now just calm down, we’ll make up for it in the next delivery, I swear Elijah you know I’m good for my word. And this is premium stuff, some of the best we’ve ever been able to grow.”

    “I’m afraid I’ve grown tired of the old excuses my friend.” he sneered as he pulled the pistol out from his jacket and raised it so it pointed at Daniel.

    Mikey acted quickly, purely out of instinct- he couldn’t allow this guy to be killed in front of him, no matter what kind of business he was doing here. He stalked hunched over around the opposite side of the pile without Elijah and Harry noticing. He was now crouched directly behind them. Daniel had now noticed his presence, but his eyes gave nothing away as he looked down at Mikey and then back up at Elijah.

    Mikey stood up and put the barrel of the pellet gun against the older gentlemen’s temple.

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