So it Has Been Awhile

Can’t say I’m going to apologize for not posting an article recently, because well…it’s my blog. However, I will inform you all of what I have been up to and what to look forward to from The Mason Mindset.

So, it’s been about a month give or take. During this time I have successfully published my first two books, Success: Defined by You and Wizarded Away. The first of which is some of my personal ultimate advice to people, and the second being the first in a “wizard apprentice” series. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot while writing and publishing these books. But in the end, I am really happy about how they turned out. (Now if we can just get a few more people to read them 😅)

In addition to this I’ve started on my third book, which I believe will likely turn out to be a realistic fiction. But you never know because I tend to let my imagination run nonstop when I’m writing. Anyways- I’ve made decent progress on the story so far, and it’s looking like it may be a bit lengthier than my previous books.

This time of year is busy with the holidays and being with friends and family, but I am still going to try to put out an article a day from here to some point in the future. Notice I didn’t put “from here on out” because I know damn well that procrastination will take over me at some point. Well, there hasn’t been a whole lot other than all that going on. I guess in an effort to make this article slightly longer than it needs to be and maybe, just maybe, spark a laugh out of a few of my readers- I will tell you one more thing!

My cat Sneesnaw (Snaw for short) has been looking a bit too plump for his own good. (You can see him pictured at the top of this article) So in order to help him shed a few pounds, I devised a workout routine for him. Yes, I limited his food as well- I know you were wondering. But I also made up this little workout machine for him. And by “machine” I mean a cat toy with a string tied to it that I throw up and down the stairs. Most of the time he’ll fetch it and bring it back, but when he starts to get lazy the string comes in handy to pull it back up for another toss. Believe it or not, the other day me and my buddy got Snaw to start panting- and that’s how you know you’re rolling off the pounds! You could tell when he wanted to quit because he wouldn’t bring the toy back after awhile, but his persistence is so great that when I’d pull it up myself and give it another toss he’d spring forward to chase it again.

Bet you weren’t expecting to read that in this article ^^^^ but hey who knows what you’ll learn with The Mason Mindset. One thing’s for sure- I promise to keep it interesting. If you want to check out either of my books I’ll put the links below. And if you want to bitch at me for advertising my books in almost every article, I’ll see you in the comment section below 😉.

Wizarded Away

Success: Defined by You

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