It Was By The River (Poem)

It was by the river that the slender trout drifted, silver in the light, to the surface they lifted. It was by the river that the young wolf ran with his first pack, now the alpha male, there was no experience he lacked. It was by the river that the songbirds would sing, a tune... Continue Reading →

Freelance Begone (Poem)

He struggled to find, as hard as he looked, a freelance writing gig that he could book. He applied to several, begged for even more, but no one would give him the simplest chore. He guest wrote posts, all to no avail. No one wanted to pay him to tell their tale. Months and months,... Continue Reading →

Spring On A Winter’s Day

And so when it seemed coldest, the plants withered away with frost. Along came the oldest, of seasons both present and lost. For just one day the snow and ice had gone, and the grass shown green on the front lawn. It was as if Spring had appeared, if only for a day. A reminder... Continue Reading →

Poetry (Read Entire Thing)

Into the clouds he stared for years, his childhood drifting in the sky. He yearned for what was often feared, to tell the Earth goodbye. To travel and see the planets and stars, exploring the universe far and wide. That night he slept, he had turned 16, and his dreams took him oh so far.... Continue Reading →

Mood Changes (Poem)

In the morning she glows, warm in the sun. Looks to me as if to say, what have you done? Why nothing at all, nothing has changed! Except, my love that it has started to rain. You must help me, save me, do all that you can! For when the rain falls you become a... Continue Reading →

Down a Long Lane- final part

“I don’t know, I like her a lot, it’s just she’s a bit older than me.”     “Yeah but you’re not in high school anymore Mikey, two years isn’t shit. I think you should ask her out.”     “Oh yeah? What makes you the sudden expert on relationships, Mr. One Night Stand, isn’t that what the ladies... Continue Reading →

Down a Long Lane- part 3

    “Hey what’s up man, how was work last night?” Eric asked him as he entered the kitchen.     “It was...interesting I guess you could say.” he responded with a wild look.     “Oh god, what didya kill a couple raccoons or somethin’ Mikey?” Eric joked.     “Not quite, you might wanna sit down for this.” Mikey laughed back.... Continue Reading →

Down a Long Lane – part 2

“Put the gun down.” Mikey spoke calmly, there was no hesitation in his voice.     Elijah tensed for a moment, as if he was realizing that there was now a gun pointed to his head.     “And who, do we have here?” the man in the fedora spoke, still not highly concerned.     “I’m the security guard at... Continue Reading →

My apologies for no post yesterday

Sometimes life just keeps you busy with other things and you forget to post on your website! So in order to make it up to you I've got something even better for story week: over the next few days I'll be posting the first couple chapters of my upcoming book: Down A Long Lane Without further ado, I... Continue Reading →

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