Creating A Fantasy World (For Your Novel)

When it comes to writing a novel, we often want to rush right into it, and start typing away. This is absolutely okay in my mind, as I have done this multiple times. However, there are a few things you should keep in the back of your mind when constructing the world in which your characters live in.

The Land

One thing to really consider is how “mystical” or magical you make the environment in your story. Remember, it’s a fantasy book- so normal everyday things don’t necessarily fit in here. They might if you add a twist to them, perhaps taking a normal or boring object and making it interesting in a unique way. Usually the best way to go about thinking of what the land in your novel should look like is to think of the places you’ve seen in real life that stood out to you as having some degree of magical qualities. Mountains are an easy example to use, there is something powerful and mysterious about them- and you can describe a mountain range to look like just about anything you want. You can make them sinister and dark, or you can make them lush and tree-covered.


The people in your book! Now, there is some leeway here, because in some fantasy books, the main characters are ordinary people who have found themselves surrounded by magical things and places. However, if your character has magical qualities, you’ll need to make sure they fit in with their personality. Otherwise your character just seems a bit out of place, unless of course this is what you’re going for. It’s really hard to make up guidelines for fantasy authors, because there’s so much room to create new things and new ideas within our writing. So, don’t take anything I say too seriously 😉

The Magic Itself

This may be the most important aspect to give a lot of attention to when writing. You have to focus a lot more on the details of how the magic in your story works, than you do with the other two guidelines I mentioned. Ultimately, this is because if the mechanics behind your magic seems faulty to you, it is extremely likely it will seem even worse to your readers. Children’s book authors have a little more wiggle room here, because kids pay more attention to the actual plot than how all of the individual components work. Some key questions to keep in mind are:

What does the magic look like when being used?

Is there a tool the characters must use to perform the magic, such as a staff or wand?

Does everyone have the same magical abilities and strengths, or do they differ by experience/personality?

Just try to keep a couple of these things in mind when writing your fantasy story or book. They’ll give you some basics for how to structure the various parts of the novel. You want your story to be unique and crazy, but you also want it to make at least a little bit of sense!

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