Let’s Talk About Productivity

We all have a hard time staying on track every now and again. We get caught up in our day to day doings, whatever they may be. But we have a need to be productive. That necessity might be paying the bills or buying a new car, but most anything that needs accomplished requires productivity.

The problem with someone considering themselves to be productive is that they define what that means for them. So while Person A might consider that to be getting five hours of nonstop work done, Person B might think just as highly of himself for getting off the couch. In order to be productive one must define a goal. A goal that has both significance and challenge. Because if something is easy and not time consuming, are you actually being efficient by getting it done?

So in order to make a goal that you can reach, you have to value it first. Say to yourself, “How much further ahead will I be when I get this done?” If the answer is something like “not a whole lot” you may need to redefine it to create a more challenging task. I ask you to politely take a look at a goal rating scale I’ve come up with. Keep in mind this would be most useful for short-term and work related goals.

The scale runs from 1 to 5. A goal with a rating of 1 does not really require you to be that productive, while a goal with a score of 5 is a top-notch “grind it out” kind of task.

1: The task ahead of you requires minimal effort. Perhaps writing a 1 page paper or making dinner tonight. (Unless of course you’re one of those moms who makes dinner into an all evening activity- you ladies are excused πŸ™‚


2: This “thing” you need to get done is something you could easily put off until the last minute and still maintain relatively the same level of quality when you’re finished. I would give the example of needing to get groceries for the week or picking out a Halloween Costume.

3: A decent goal that requires some productivity- however you could very easily make this one into a 4 or a 5. This would be something like a presentation due for work at the end of the week and you deciding to do a little bit each day.

4: This is a challenging assignment that you have decided to get done way ahead of schedule. It could even be the presentation I mentioned for #3 but instead of doing it in increments you get it all done in a day or two.

5: A true work of art in the goal gallery. Maybe you’re writing a book and you set up a plan where you write 10+ pages a day. And even then you tend to get more of it done each day than you planned on. You set up a deadline and beat it by at least a week!


Productivity is all relative to the person who’s trying to get something done. There’re goal crushers and there’re slackers in this world. Which one “you gonna be”?

A goal a day keeps the landlord away πŸ™‚


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