Own Your Outfits

I’m going to begin this article off with a quick anecdote pertaining to myself. Okay so it isn’t much of a story at all but rather just something that I noticed. During my senior prom I remember getting all dressed up and when I finished, tuxedo on and everything, I looked in the mirror and just thought- “Damn I look fucking good in this.” I began to think to myself “I should dress up more often, or at least put more effort into the outfits I choose.” So while I didn’t end up wearing a tuxedo everyday (would have been a better story) the event did make me realize that what I’m wearing makes a difference in my overall mood.

You Feel What You Wear

I’m sure there’s been articles on it before, and I’m sure there’ll be articles on it again. But this is my take on why you need to put more effort into deciding what clothes you wear. For one there’s some pride associated with the whole thing. Being able to incorporate your own style into growing clothing trends will make you feel like not only are you a part of something- but you did it your own way too.  Secondly- it’s honestly so much fun once you decide to make an effort. Suddenly instead of complaining about how long your girlfriend is taking in TJMAXX, you’re asking her if you can just stay a little longer. “Let me look through one more clearance rack pleeeease.”

And it’s fun because the clothes you wear are ultimately a representation of yourself. People get judged by what they wear all the time. And it’s true you can assume a lot about most people just by glancing at their outfit. While these don’t always turn out to be true- more often than not your guesses hold some ground. So dress in a way that makes other people think what you would want them to think. If you want to be seen as a guy or girl that like the outdoors and kayaking and hiking- make your outfit match that. If you want to be seen as a professional, or simply a clean-cut individual, break out some of your button up shirts. The amazing thing about clothes is that there are literally countless possible styles and sub-styles. You have an essentially infinite number of options on what you can wear- so go out there and use it to your benefit.

Mason’s Quick Tip: If you’re a guy I recommend having at a very minimum four pairs of shoes to wear, otherwise you simply cannot match with that many clothes and you won’t have as much of a variety in your outfits. For three of the pairs pick shoes that are the same colors as a lot of your clothes. So maybe a red pair, black pair, and grey pair. Then, for the last one, choose either a color you don’t wear as often or a pair of dress shoes. You likely won’t wear this pair as much but it’ll give you some added diversity in your outfits and really help you standout when you wear it.

Make It Your Own

When you start to pay more attention to what you wear, you realize there are more benefits than just being in a better mood. It gives you something to talk about- you know how many people love talking about clothes? A lot. And while a lot of them are women, you’d be surprised how many men really take their style seriously these days. I think a lot of women appreciate guys that put effort into what they wear, and it makes a guy more attractive when he gives a damn about what he’s putting on.

You might look up some ideas on popular styles and then adapt them to fit what you like. I recommend looking at an app like Pinterest and typing in a simple search like “popular men’s clothing styles.” Then go out on a little shopping trip. You don’t have to blow your savings away- discount stores that sell name-brands for way lower than the suggested retail price are life-savers. Don’t buy all your new clothes at once because you’ll come to find that what you like to wear will change overtime. And of course you’ll have to account for changing seasons and temperatures. So go out and buy maybe three articles of clothing on your first trip. Maybe a shirt, some pants, and a pair of shoes. Or even just three shirts. Make one of them something you normally wouldn’t see yourself wearing, and just give it a try. Then save a up a little more and go out and buy another couple of shirts. Or accessories, or shoes, or jackets, or whatever! It turns out to be really enjoyable and comes with a lot of unexpected advantages. Shopping with your significant other can turn into a really fun date idea!

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