Your Life Means Your Path

Going through life doing what other people tell you will get old quick. As a child it’s just how the world works- you learn from your parents and teachers. But when you reach a certain age, perhaps around 18 or 19, you begin to use what you’ve leaned about the world to formulate your own plans and ideas. At times it can be hard for both you and those who used to tell you what to do to accept that you are an individual. Sure, there can be sadness associated with growing up, but I believe the overall freedom to take advantage of what the world has to offer in one’s own direction far outweighs the nostalgia.

Maybe you’re older than the ages I said above and you still feel as if you get told what to do day in and day out. While some of this is possibly unavoidable in rare circumstances, I’d say the majority of us are simply not taking full advantage of our human rights. And when I say human rights I don’t mean controversial issues. What I am talking about is every human’s right to do what they choose on this Earth. There are so many wildly different opportunities available to people that it would amaze me if someone could not find at least one path they are interested in.

A quick idea to possibly expand your thinking about the world: at any given time you can picture any type of scenario in your head and there is very likely someone in the world who has either done what you’re imagining in the past, is doing it in the current moment, or will be doing it in the future. That’s pretty crazy if you ask me. But what’s even more exciting about this concept is that it is actual proof that you can do it too. If someone else has done it, why can’t you? The answer is You Can.  And even in the unlikely circumstance that what you want to do hasn’t been done by someone before- could you not be the first? At some point everything that has ever happened was done for the first time by someone. It can make this prospect of doing what you choose even more thrilling when you think that you could not only be the first to do it, but also lead the way to inspire others to succeed.

Often times it isn’t necessarily an individual’s motivation or drive that prevents them from doing what they want, but rather not knowing what exactly to do. You can want something so badly, and be completely willing to do the work it requires to reach that goal, but you just don’t know how to get started. Or you know how to begin the process but after awhile it seems unclear which way to go next- how to keep what you’ve begun growing. But think about this- if it wasn’t challenging to do life your own way then there wouldn’t be nearly as many people being followers. This is why I encourage you to keep at what you’re doing. Even if you aren’t sure where to take your goal next, just do something with it. Because at least if you are staying active in the pursuit of your own goals, you’re less likely to give up on them completely. This, in my mind, is a much better way to go than slowly giving up because you’re afraid the next decision you make on the path to success will be a failure. But even if it does turn out to be a failure you’ve still succeeded in the much larger goal of life- sticking with what YOU want to do.

I don’t believe in the adage that “Even if you fail you can always say you gave it a try.” Don’t stop trying! Never let the failures you encounter lead you back to a life of following others. Allow your failures to alter your path- not block it off completely. Because in the end even if you “gave it a try” I think you’d have more regret in not trying enough to actually make it work. Go all out on your goals because this is your life and what you want this life to be about is entirely your decision. Face the adversity and be even more prideful to the naysayers when you meet your own definition of success!

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