Why Is It So Hard To Make Money Online?

I think the difficult part is that almost any method of making an online income takes time. And almost everyone who tries one of the common methods like blogging, ecommerce, freelancing, etc are people who just want to make money right away. But who doesn’t?

In order to be successful with any of these online income streams one really has to grind it out. You have to put in serious effort day after day until you start to see the results. From there you can relax a little and eventually get to the point where it only requires you a few hours of work each week. The trouble is that people, myself included, tend to try making money online one way and when they don’t see results right away they switch to trying something else. And I know it’s hard, but in order to be successful at this you really have to stick with what you started!

If your online income idea is blogging- you have to take the time to build up followers. You might even consider spending some money on advertising for your own blog. It seems counteractive to do so (buying ads to eventually put ads on your site) but to make this work you really have to spend some to make some in most cases. At the very least you’ve got to try to put out articles/content on the regular. Otherwise you’re not going to gain traffic at the pace you need to in order to make decent money.

Let’s say you’re trying freelancing. You can be an incredibly skilled writer and still not make money writing for other people. Which leads to my suggestion that if you’re going the freelancing route why not just start your own blog? It’s honestly less work and you can choose what you write about. You’re not stuck searching through site after site trying to find an article you’re knowledgeable on just to find out it gets rejected after three hours of work. If you really insist on writing for someone else I strongly recommend finding a legitimate job with an established company. Otherwise you’re not going to get the consistent work and paychecks that you’re searching for.

Ecommerce- it seems like it’s all the rave these days. Yes it’s true there’s people out there who have made millions off of it. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, no matter what they advertise to you about how you can start making “$2,000 a week with four hours of work” it’s total bullshit. Taking an online course to learn how to do ecommerce is also complete bullshit. The people who you see saying “this ecommerce course isn’t like the other gurus telling you how to make money” yeah guess what that is? Entirely Bullshit. So if you want to go the ecommerce route, and it really is a pretty cool method to try out, just watch Youtube videos. Read a few articles. Learn the basics and then give it your own best shot without copying someone else. Because that’s really the only way it works. The majority of people making money selling products online have been around since the trend started. The whole “drop-shipping” thing is way over saturated and it’s hard to break through the masses.

So here’s what I’ve got for you- if you want to make money online do it for yourself. Market your own content and pass on what everyone else seems to be doing. Because there really is no guarantee to making money online. Trust me, I want to be able to work from home and travel the world and own expensive cars too. The bulk of you reading this want that lifestyle. And who would blame you? So it is worth giving a shot, totally is- just do it your own way. Make your own product, write your own content, create your own videos and then market the hell out of them. Tell friends and family about what you’re doing, tell them to tell their friends. Post ads on social media- whatever you think has a chance of working. Because you have just as much of a chance of being successful doing it your own way than you do following someone else’s lead. Why choose someone else to be your boss or leader when you can be your own?

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