Self-Publishing Through Amazon KDP

In an effort to help others with the long and grueling process- I decided to give a summary of my experience with Kindle Direct Publishing. Although Kindle is in the title of this program, it allows authors to also publish their book in paperback form. What it comes down to is this- do you want... Continue Reading →

Announcing My First Published Book

I am incredibly pleased to announce the release of my first published book- Success: Defined By You. In my book I offer new ideas on how people can reach their own definition of success in their own way. This is the kind of mentality I live by and to see my work published has me... Continue Reading →

Own Your Outfits

I'm going to begin this article off with a quick anecdote pertaining to myself. Okay so it isn't much of a story at all but rather just something that I noticed. During my senior prom I remember getting all dressed up and when I finished, tuxedo on and everything, I looked in the mirror and... Continue Reading →

Women: Sacred Beings

When it seems like there is more issue over gender equality these days since before the 19th amendment was passed, I have decided to discuss how I think about women. I am, obviously, a man and in a world full of sexism and disrespect directed at women I thought this might be a breath of... Continue Reading →

Your Life Means Your Path

Going through life doing what other people tell you will get old quick. As a child it's just how the world works- you learn from your parents and teachers. But when you reach a certain age, perhaps around 18 or 19, you begin to use what you've leaned about the world to formulate your own... Continue Reading →

Why Is It So Hard To Make Money Online?

I think the difficult part is that almost any method of making an online income takes time. And almost everyone who tries one of the common methods like blogging, ecommerce, freelancing, etc are people who just want to make money right away. But who doesn't? In order to be successful with any of these online... Continue Reading →

With Love Comes Loss But Not Without Hope

With Love Comes Loss A frightful thought indeed. For we fear the unknown changes that arise without need Who is to know whether the feeling will fade Or human nature will lead it to slip away. With love comes loss but it cannot be feared We Must Love Unconditionally, putting aside future tears. There is... Continue Reading →

No More Excuses

It seems it is far too easy for us to create excuses for why we haven't done the things in life we want to do. We say things like "I'll go there one day." "I'll be rich one day." "I'll find the right relationship one day." Why is it one day? Why not today? By... Continue Reading →

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