Age: A Human Created Concept

Growing older, an unavoidable occurrence which we must all face. Is it to be feared, welcomed, or avoided? Perhaps none of these truly describe the deep feelings associated with aging. For it is something that everyone must accept, from a toddler turning into a teenager, or someone celebrating their 90th birthday. Does each year have the same significance as the one prior, or are there really certain birthdays that matter more than others?

The answers to these questions remain somewhat unclear to me- a recently turned 19 year old. In some ways I have been very excited about the additional responsibilities I carry. But there is also the part of me that thinks fondly of simpler times when I was younger. Most people describe being younger as “simpler times” and I can’t disagree. Our main worries, for the majority of us, were things like what was for dinner that night, what game we were going to play next, etc. And I loved that. But then I started thinking to myself- that hasn’t changed a whole lot for me. Sure, I have more aspects of life that take up my time now, but I haven’t lost that childhood spirit. I still look forward to life’s next adventure and now those adventures are on an even larger scale. Maybe a road trip across country with friends, moving into my own place, choosing the paths I will follow in life. It’s these thoughts that made me realize growing older doesn’t have to be a nuisance.

I really believe that my thoughts on aging can be applied to someone of any age, not just a teenager becoming an adult. The “next adventure” is just something different at each stage of life. What is there to be ashamed of in being at the age where you can pass on wisdom to those who are younger? Or share your thoughts and ideas with the world after gaining experience simply through living. Aging only makes us experts in the knowledge of what life has to offer. The old adage “age is just a number” is true beyond belief! Time, when referring to years and hours and months and days, is all basically made up anyway. We could have said a day is when the Earth rotates one and a half times around its axis. Or that a year is when a certain comet passes by. So yes, we do grow older, but if time in this sense is made up anyway, why not think of age in your own terms. In other words, you are as old as you consider yourself to be. And your answer shouldn’t be based on appearance, but rather how young you feel in your spirit, your being, and your mind.

We do not know what comes after death, and those who say they do are only certain in their own beliefs. I say death is not to be dismayed. For we do not really know what all death is. Could it be that dying is only the act of our spirit, our essence as a being, outgrowing our body here on Earth? I do not know, nor do I claim to know, what exactly happens when we pass away. But I am certain that there is more to it than many think, and that it should just be left to happen when it happens. Think of it occasionally when your mind drifts, for it is almost unavoidable to never have the thought of dying pass through your head. And then just go on living and living- the way YOU feel inside.

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  1. I use to think the same way as you about growing older. Now it is just something I have no control over and I just exist. things are not as easy for me to do and it is very frustrating but I just have to laugh and say “thank goodness for the golden years”. My joy in life now is not what I am accomplishing but rather what my children and grand children are doing and how great they all are and how proud I am of them for what they have accomplished.

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