Giving Your Ideas A Chance To Grow

Starting something new and possibly time consuming can be hard to do. It’s easy to dream and think about how great things would be if you could do this or that. But when it comes to actually doing “this or that” we usually don’t even give ourselves a chance.

What keeps us from trying out something new? I don’t believe in most cases it is fear. Or if it is based around fear, it’s the fear of wasting time and not being successful. But simply by not trying- you are guaranteeing that you won’t be successful! You are certainly saving yourself from wasting time if you never start. However, what if starting is actually not wasting time, and continuing to do what you always do is the bigger waste of time? I think the latter.

Thoughts of starting new businesses, investing in stocks, writing books and blog posts fill my head on a daily basis. I seem to have this sense inside of me that “Oh yeah I’ll do something that’ll make me really wealthy one day.” But it’s this thought that used to trap me. For if I always tell myself one day things will just magically work out for me- someday I’ll have lost all the opportunity to actually do the thing that makes me successful. So, while it is important to be confident in your future success, you can’t just keep the idea of success in the back of your mind. Tell yourself, “Today I’m going to start that one thing I always think about.”

Let’s say you do try that something out, and it just so happens it was a total failure.  Well what did you really waste? Maybe a couple months, but not the entirety of those months because it’s unlikely you dropped everything just to try out your idea. (P.S. I do not recommend dropping everything to try out your ideas- keep them on the side at first and allow them to grow.) And you learned from your failures, so now you can either improve upon your last idea, or come up with something entirely different. It’s even okay to take some time off your new ideas for a little while in between. Get back to your regular schedule for a couple of months and then give it another go. I’ll put money on the fact that you’ll be drawn back to trying out your ideas, because it is really exciting.

Doing work that we can be excited about is truly the end goal of any occupation. If we are doing something we even somewhat enjoy and are making enough money to get the material things in life we want, then we can be truly satisfied with our line of work. Don’t wait any longer- go out and give it a try, because you’ll either learn something or you’ll become successful. And I don’t see anything wrong with either of those outcomes.

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