4 Digital Marketing Techniques To Get Your Blog, Business, or Anything Else More Traffic

Forbes Magazine, the dictionary for inspiring billionaires, published an article headed “The Future of Everything That Matters In Digital Marketing” earlier this summer.  Now, that’s a bold title, but it adds to the never-ending hype about online marketing.  Switch the words up in their authoritative title a bit and you get the real message- digital marketing is everything that matters for the future of any business looking to add new customers.

Digital Marketing can be a frightening concept to both new businesses and established ones trying to enter the online world.  Several questions may enter the minds of their marketing teams such as- “How do we even begin to get our name out there?” and “How can we compete with companies already on the web?”  Never fear! For we have compiled your to-do list to break through the masses of competition and grow your business’s market in this intimidating online stage.

Creating A Presence On Social Media

It seems all that people talk about these days are what’s going on in various social media platforms.  It’s time for them to start talking about your business! In one of Social Media Today’s articles they present the astounding statistic that “71% of consumers are likely to purchase an item based on social media referrals.”  For the first quarter of 2018, Twitter boasts 336 million active monthly users- and that’s only one of several huge social media outlets. Creating an account for your business on social media is a must-do for any company looking to reach a larger audience.  One of the best side perks to a social account- most can be used completely free.

A Product Or Service Related Blog

A blog may seem like a lot of time consuming work at first glance.  However, having written content that relates to your business’s niche is an incredible way to gain targeted customers.  Attract readers to the blog through the other tactics mentioned in this article, and you’ll raise an army of highly specific product-hungry purchasers.  If they love the content of your business’s articles, it’s likely they’ll feel much the same to the related products and services you offer. And if curating your own content sounds like too much time- there are companies out there to do it for you.  I even do freelance work from time to time for companies.  So if you’re interested in hiring a writer for a job or two- visit my contact page or leave a comment below.

A User-Friendly and Personalized Website

It seems obvious that in order to have an online presence a business needs a website.  But what all needs to go into that website? An overload of product descriptions and technical writing won’t bring a steady flow of customers quickly.  There are only a few basic concepts to keep in mind when creating a business website:

  • Simplicity- no need to overwhelm a new visitor on their first view of your site. Keep the format basic and pleasing to the eye.  
  • Highlight The Product- after all this is ultimately what you want your traffic to see.  Great product photos can make a huge difference when showcasing what you offer.
  • Contact- a must-have for your company site.  If a potential customer can’t connect with you about specifications, concerns, etc- you could be missing out on a sale. Make this page as easy as possible to locate.

Of course there are other components to making a fantastic website, but these are three of the most important for companies who want their site to stand out.  Other aspects like positive product reviews, testimonies, and a FAQ page can be useful too.

Constructing An Online Funnel

Expanding your market to online consumers can be thought of as a trap.  First, lure them in with beautifully conceived social media posts. Once they’re caught- put the product, in all of it’s astonishing glory, right in front of their eyes.  Then, before you release them back into the online jungle, give them an easy way to get back to your business and bring more prey (other customers) with them next time. This trap, otherwise known as a funnel, is a great way to keep purchasers coming back.  You can incorporate a funnel into your digital marketing campaign by using a few methods. Placing links to your company blog on social media pages, inserting product links within these blog posts, and when someone makes a purchase- following up with an automated email that offers them an array of similar products.  As you can see, the funnel catches both new customers and brings back past purchasers.

Start growing your business’s online profile today- there’s really no downside.  Especially when you can take advantage of other company’s services to help you get started.  Get an edge over the competition! If you’re interested in hiring someone to do any form of writing work for you- visit my contact page- I’ll likely do the task for a reasonable fee.

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