Seeking Positive Interaction

It is far to easy to find ourselves tired of the routines of life.  Our minds gradually grow accustomed to the negative reactions we have associated with our day to day activities.  I have found but one true solution.

We must seek out positive interaction.  When you think about it, doesn’t your day brighten up when you find yourself having a positive interaction with another person?  And maybe that good feeling continues for a few minutes after the interaction.  And then you think back about how awesome it was to feel that way purely from the existence of another person who shared some joy with you that day.  By the time all of this interaction wears off, usually you can have found or created yet another positive interaction.

So why not go out and be the person who creates positive interaction for other people?  You know, from past experience, that the interaction will benefit you just as much.  As my arguments often have come to this same conclusion, it still holds true- there is no downside.  The simplest of scenarios can make another person go off on the rest of their day with a much better outlook.  Making conversation with the cashier at the groceries, shaking the hand of someone new you just met, it can be almost anything!  The benefits come from the very interaction in itself.

Give what you seek- perhaps the favor will be returned.

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