Your Definition of Success is Defined by YOU

When it comes to the topic of goals people often get insecure.  Take, for example, one guy’s goal may be to graduate high school to proceed into the workforce.  Another, however, may want to get his PhD and then continue into groundbreaking scientific research.  Should the wannabe high school graduate think any less of his goals, just because another man has chose a different path in life?  I’m here to tell you he shouldn’t.

Let me tell you how to be content with your goals in life.  The main purpose in a goal is to set a future achievement for one’s self that they work to obtain.  One could argue the guy in the example above has a lesser goal because the man that wants to get his PhD has a more difficult path ahead of him.  But, both of these are choices by individuals about what they want to do with their future.  So long as the motivation to reach their goals is relatively the same- one goal is not any lesser nor greater than the other.

This example can apply to you- only on a larger scale.  Perhaps you have a friend who is all about money.  Making it, spending it- everything revolves around money.  And therefor this friend of yours creates goals for himself that revolve around someday making a lot of money.  But you, on the other hand, see life in a different perspective.  You want only to find the love of your life and do everything in the world for him/her.  So your goals reflect that- finding the person and I assume ultimately getting married to them.  The actual example I just made is completely irrelevant to the point- it doesn’t matter exactly what your goal is.  My point is that you can focus your life’s path toward any direction you wish- so long as the end goal is what you ultimately want!

I, personally, have multiple goals as I’m sure most people do.  But they have different levels of importance tied to them.  Yes, I want to be wealthy, live in a nice ass house, drive a slick car.  But do those goals hold the highest priority in my mind?  Not in the slightest.  My final goal revolves around what I mentioned before, what I like to call “Living a life of love.”  Therefore living my life, and being more than content, with the love of my life.  That is all I truly wish for, in the deepest sense anyway.  But this doesn’t make me any less determined to crush those other goals I talked about.  I still want those things, very badly, it’s just that I can already find myself content with how my life will turn out so long as I’m with the one I love.  Does that make me dependent?  Of course it does- but humans have depended on one another for centuries.  I see nothing wrong with needing another person in your life to feel full inside.  But I also can see how there are some people that don’t desire a relationship in the slightest.

Never feel ashamed of what you will one day feel proud of achieving.  Sure, your friend might become a millionaire.  But look at you- you’re married to the love of your life and get to spend the rest of your days with them.  Value is in the eye of the beholder.  You may value your relationship as priceless, another person may value their dream car at a million dollars higher than it’s actual value.  So get married, get rich, do both!  Whatever it is you want, go out and get it, and don’t compare your goals to someone else’s.

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