To More Than Just A Father…

When you think of your father what comes to mind?  Words like fearless, strong, funny, mentor, and many others likely fill your head.  Today I wish to share with you the meaning of my dad to me.

When I was younger I used to see my dad primarily as an entertainer.  He was the guy who would play with me and keep me from getting bored at home.  I remember for awhile we got really into hiking and went to trails all over Ohio- even took a few trips out of state.  And although I don’t recall the specifics of what was held in our conversations during all those hikes through woods and mountains, as I got older I began to see an even more amazing trait in my dad.  Wisdom.  I could bring up a topic about anything and my dad would carry out a conversation about it with me.  I believe I received my mind and intellectual thinking from those conversations and my dad himself.  He invited me, even as just a boy, to think about things larger than just my current surroundings.  To explore the questions I had about the World and even larger things, and to accept that there is often more than one answer.  He has inspired me to create my own answers to life’s questions.

My dad’s inspired me to do a lot more than just that though.  He’s taught me to never settle- to reach for things in life that other people may never even think about attaining.  He’s given me this state of mind that I truly can do anything in this life I choose to.  Sure, there will always be tasks and objects I must get through on the way, but I know I can surpass them all.  It’s not even so much determination, it is simply a sense of knowing.  And I believe that it is this quality that I am most thankful for my dad passing on to me.

I hold my dad to a higher standard than I do with most anyone else I know and even those I don’t know.  Money has never been a problem with my father around.  In fact, it’s almost always been there in excess.  And while I may appreciate the non-material items my dad has given me more, I still appreciate how my dad’s personal success has given him the opportunity to give to me.  Why?  Because I want to be able to give the same kind of gifts to my children some day.  I will not use the word hope- because I already know I’ll be able to with the mindset I have.

My father gives me the opportunities I need to be successful in whatever it is I want to be successful in.  He’s given me a way of thinking that I can guarantee is incredibly rare among the majority of people.  And all the while, my dad has been there as someone I always have fun with, no matter what we’re doing.

So Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!  And to all my readers- I swear to you this man feels younger today than he did years ago!

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