A Life Of Substance

Lately I've found myself having an overwhelming sensation that for most people life is based around one substance or another. My definition of substance may be a bit different from most. I see it as being anything from drugs, alcohol, or addiction to something we know inside is wrong. Things along that line. And of... Continue Reading →

Age: A Human Created Concept

Growing older, an unavoidable occurrence which we must all face. Is it to be feared, welcomed, or avoided? Perhaps none of these truly describe the deep feelings associated with aging. For it is something that everyone must accept, from a toddler turning into a teenager, or someone celebrating their 90th birthday. Does each year have... Continue Reading →

Giving Your Ideas A Chance To Grow

Starting something new and possibly time consuming can be hard to do. It's easy to dream and think about how great things would be if you could do this or that. But when it comes to actually doing "this or that" we usually don't even give ourselves a chance. What keeps us from trying out... Continue Reading →

4 Digital Marketing Techniques To Get Your Blog, Business, or Anything Else More Traffic

Forbes Magazine, the dictionary for inspiring billionaires, published an article headed “The Future of Everything That Matters In Digital Marketing” earlier this summer.  Now, that’s a bold title, but it adds to the never-ending hype about online marketing.  Switch the words up in their authoritative title a bit and you get the real message- digital... Continue Reading →

Seeking Positive Interaction

It is far to easy to find ourselves tired of the routines of life.  Our minds gradually grow accustomed to the negative reactions we have associated with our day to day activities.  I have found but one true solution. We must seek out positive interaction.  When you think about it, doesn't your day brighten up... Continue Reading →

Sunrise, Sunset

All to me, all to mine The Earth with sun and moon divine. From heavens fall gifts but of what we know not Only in our heads, our prayers begot. Wind whispers in anxiousness- to our excavation of lands. Telling the sea and the mother of our wondrous plans, To fill this planet with people,... Continue Reading →

Making The Most Of Your Time

Being a long-time sufferer of procrastination, I'm here to show you how I've (mostly) overcome it. High school was when I procrastinated the most.  I would almost never, and I mean like pretty much never, study for any tests or exams.  I wouldn't study at all.  And if I felt like I needed to, the... Continue Reading →

The “Meaning” of Life

Most people will hear the word philosophy and have images of famous people come to mind.  Gandhi, Socrates, and countless others that are lost in time.  But what truly is philosophy? It's not a field that is only for the critical deep thinkers, although they tend to thrive in it.  Rather, everyone has practiced the... Continue Reading →

What is appreciation

Do you go out of your way for others?  Do you feel like you're always trying to do what's best for people besides yourself?  And when you do so, do you feel like no one is genuinely thankful? It's more common than you think.  In fact, I'd say almost every person has at some point... Continue Reading →

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